Film – Series: How To Get Inspiration From The Style Of The Characters?


By: Slankepiller der virker and udrensningskur.

In the world of cinema, nothing is left to chance, and especially not the holding of the characters. As in life, when we give a certain impression, the outfit we wear shows the world that surrounds us, what we are. In movies, it is the same thing!

Have you ever noticed why a businessman course of him is still a tailored suit, perfectly cut, and while silly fellow, wearing too large?
This is to make clear the differences between the characters that scriptwriters dress them as well. The only small problem is that you do not writer to explain to you what held wear based on the image that you want to give!
Let’s see together what characters you can inspire you to sublimate your stylistic personality!

Jeremy Note: we have not wanted to mention them all so do not hesitate to give us your additional ideas in comments on this post. There are certainly some interesting things we may have missed.

Chuck Bass: The sartorial dandy

1x1.trans Cinéma   séries : Comment sinspirer du Style des personnages ?

We begin with a series of which women (and some men) love: Gossip Girl. Ode to youth Golden of the upper east side, the team of the series had not really the choice to make his characters as flashy as possible, without any time falling in excess…except for one of them: Chuck Bass

Young teenager wealthy, rude and manipulative, is an especially very safe character him!

Far from being a gentleman, he had to support his character by a well further fashion spirit, but that combines perfectly with the age group in which it evolves. Out therefore suit to Don Draper, and add to advantage of colors that will decide with the holding of the other characters, making this high school student a being apart from both her outfit than her personality

The mode key to dressing like Chuck bass

This character is ultimately a dandy of modern times who have mastered perfectly the costume in any circumstance, but also the association of colors, the shades.

If you want to go in his direction, look on the side of brands like Blue Rider, La Comédie humaine, or Baron Y.

And don’t forget, more this will be seeing more this will be effective. Avoid white suit even if you are not present at a Garden Party in the Hamptons.

Don Draper: The Vintage advertising

1x1.trans Cinéma   séries : Comment sinspirer du Style des personnages ?

Given that we had talked about at our number 1, we couldn’t wait any longer. Don Draper, advertising of the 1950s, the epitome of the gentleman.

Also the fact that the series is going in the 1950s, the character of Draper by virtue of its function, must have an outfit that perfectly reflects his stature, pressing his charisma. A sober suit, perfectly ironed shirts, a whisky, and a cigarette: This is the best advertising of New York!

Unlike Chuck Bass, here is not the fortune we want to show, but more overbearing character, human truth, with high office in a prestigious Agency. No need to dress him up as eccentric as Chuck Bass, or even Gatsby, this is to paint the perfect gentleman of the 1950s.

Style tips for dressing like Don Draper

There’s no foil, not too young brands, should go to the purer the Sartorial codes gentlemen. The base of the male wardrobe colours so are your friends.
Navy Blue, white, beige, Brown, gray, black… no need to look much further.
A light padding in the shoulders of your costume, a wide tie and the turn is played…

For brands?Will still see in De Fursac, from Husbands or seventh width for shoes! Howard’s are also beautiful ties that will stick perfectly to the character.

Gatsby: The dandy of the prohibition

1x1.trans Cinéma   séries : Comment sinspirer du Style des personnages ?

J. Gatsby is really special. Is not so much his outfit that made the character, but the universe in which it operates, as well as other actors, making it a top hero in colors.

Character surrounded by mystery, wealthy and romantic desperately, lower Lhurmann, had no choice but to make an eccentric by her outfit. In the middle of a panel of very dark colors, and to the side of the basic costume characters, so it can emerge from the film, be noticed, needed that it is ahead of its time, particularly on fashion.

That is why, by making him wear white costumes, blue sky, and brightly colored outfits… it becomes the hero, and not the character of a film, the person you notice, unafraid to deal with all the eccentricities, to assert his personality.

Note style for dressing like Gatsby

Gatsby is a light blend between the classicism of Draper and the ardor of Chuck Bass, feel free to do the same in the life of every day! Bright colors and held formal can entirely stand during the summer.

Note that for this film, it is Brooks Brothers who took over costumes, so you should find your happiness at home. But if this was not the case, wait for the summer and go take a look at your favorite cutters, their colors should no doubt delight you.

Suits: the discreet elegance of the subtle genius

1x1.trans Cinéma   séries : Comment sinspirer du Style des personnages ?

By their trades, the protagonists of Suits, are well forced to wear a tailored suit. However, where there is a big difference between them, it’s the choice of colors, hairstyles and postures each.

Remember you all first episode when Mike Ross, freshly hired by Harvey Specter, starts his first day with a suit too big and low-end…Harvey noted, and then refuses to take him into an appointment. It’s simple, the authors of the series were played on this kind of detail to show the hierarchy that exists within this firm.
Plus it is tailored, and the character stands right and is well capped, most you see a man who has an important post! And this mechanism is found in alot of movies or series, especially in House of Cards.

So, how I dress as Harvey Specter to state my position?

Friends, cuts cuts…
We will never say it enough on Bw – Yw, always preferred Cup of what you wear, even if you must abdicate materials according to your budget.
A material was not extraordinary will always be enhanced by an impeccable cut, the opposite is also true…

Barney Stinson: The perfect seducer

1x1.trans Cinéma   séries : Comment sinspirer du Style des personnages ?

Barney Stinon, How I Met Your Mother crazy Minesweeper. This character has a personality that it is clean, it shows to her friends, and there are multiple characters that he creates for seducing women.
For Barney, the question is simple enough, how to show it in its true light? While simply doing wearing a suit. When we look at and see Barney in costume we know that it is him, while when her outfit changes, we know that it is a character.
To be able to easily differentiate these situations, the series team has played perfectly on its outside appearance.

But then why the costume? Quite simply, because it has an important position, and that his conduct is consistent with his beliefs. They are stupid or not, this does not fit into account, for Barney nothing beats a costume…except when we deceive, because in these cases there, fireworks are allowed.

Kinda like the devil who would appear before his subjects in its true form, and who is hiding behind a disguise to attract new followers.

The Director has played perfectly on this contrast.

Note from Jeremy: Finally, we have well seen in this article; in the series, social status and costume are often put together. All this is much less true in life, even if a nice well-cut suit will still often open the doors of your more traditional interlocutors.
What you should really remember all of this, is that your style can really change the look your entourage will have on you. You can through this become who you want, simply by changing pageantry. So, open your wardrobe and ask yourself the question: what do I want to be apparent today?

How I dress like Barney stinson if I want seduce girls?

Yes the character of Barney is a seducer, but the costume is not always necessary for this. Go unnoticed is also a good solution.

If however the costume world fascinates you, visit great tailors autour you, in costumes stores and take the time to talk with vendors and consultants.
Add to that a good knowledge of materials according to the seasons and a beautiful cut and you’ll be ready to seduce the MacLaren.

It is on this note that we are completing this article, hoping you’ve learned in a little more on the unobtrusive but essential link between style and television characters.

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