My Tummy Tuck Review


During the past few months I realized that I was in fact getting a bit larger around the waist area and went for a Tummy Tuck Orange County. I had tried going on a diet in fact it was a low carb diet, but I didn’t manage to shed off the fat.I was also considering getting a Tummy Tuck NewPort Beach, but decided against that because it was simply not as effective of the Tummy Tuck. Although this option is a bit more expensive than the other it is well worth it. I managed to get the price down to $5000 and I was pretty impressed with the results. After a long struggle it was looking a whole lot better.I was recommend this doctor:, by a friend of mine. She had gotten it done in less than six hours and I was impressed by the results. It really looked like she had lost a lot of weight over night. I’m so happy about this because I’ve noticed that men pay more attention to me now, some even come talk to me on the street.So do I recommend going for a tummy tuck? Yes, if you aren’t afraid of doctors or only need to loose 3 or 4 pounds. This operation has changed my life. Go for it!

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