Ten things I learned from Suits


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The character Harvey Specter from Suits is the man! But what really makes him so interesting, unique and inspiring? Let’s take a look:

  1. Take responsibility – also when you’re pressured! Harvey took Mike under his wings so when he makes mistakes, it is Harvey’s responsibility. One’s actions has consequences: it is okay to fail, but learn from your mistakes.
  2. Your appearance is important – Your radiance, appearance and overall first impressions can be crucial. This is nothing new, but it’s illustrated excellently in this show. It can be the deciding factor in whether you get the next customer, meet your next girlfriend and more.
  3. Keep your perspective and keep cool – Although in certain situations you get pushed to the extreme in one way or another it is essential to be able to keep a cool head and focus on the ball.
  4. Know your opponent down to the smallest detail – to progress in the world, it is important that you know your opponent — whether it’s a competitor, customer, or anyone else. It’s about being one step ahead all the time.
  5. Action, not talk – instead of spending unnecessary time explaining and sharing the problem with others, take action. It shows responsibility, maturity and overview.
  6. Take chances – If you are aiming for something big, you will be forced to take chances (and preferably more) in your life. Be ready to take them when they come over!
  7. Go for the gold – don’t go for a small defeat, have the guts to go for the gold!
  8. Think like a winner – even if you are a new employee or similar, it pays to think like the experienced master.
  9. Dress for the job you want not the one you have – If you want to be promoted to the position you’re aiming for, then dress like the person in that position!
  10. In some situations, it’s ok to be cocky – just be sure that you can back it up.

Do you have any tips that you learned from Suits or other shows you‘ve watched? Then share them in the comments below.

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